Friday, April 06, 2007

yellow landscape.


Hans said...

Hi, yes Irakli Sitchinava is an amazing boy. Somebody should teach him to use clay (what must be somewhere around, as Georgia is rich of it) or plaster.

Are you from Mingrelia orginally too ?

Do you live from your art ?

Best regards, Hans


My friend Maurice has his show here, till 5th May

(I like his new works, allthough I haven't seen him for 10 years, neither the originals ;-((==))

Bernard said...

Hello Lodo,I realy like your way to present artwork from the past into the present overlooking.
Here in Athens, me and my people, we admire Rusian Art,(ex. Popova.Soviet Realism )
There are quite enough works in private collections and Museums.
Athens GR
ps. I found your blog via Caucasus blog.

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